Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Printer Off Key

It's been a difficult decision for what I want to do for our "Spring Break" in New Zealand. Given, seeing the south island would be something I wouldn't want to miss. But Australia is something that I couldn't get a better deal on (and when one is this close, hard not to just go).

I'd like to hang out with the people who are going to Australia more, just because I know they are more likely to do more things I'd want to do, whereas the people going to the southern island are more likely to party hardcore and not do things I want to do.

Plus, I have time to really go to the south island anyway--unlike the other patrons, I've got Friday off as well as the weekend, so I can leave to do things on Thursdays.

All in all, I think my decision is already made--I'm just being difficult.

I had my first by myself DJing show today. It was really fun, to be honest. It was nerve wrecking in the sense of accidentally screwing up, but I think I handled it well. I did some Dane Cook (describing my own experience with seeing someone get hit by a car), Motioncity Soundtrack (speaking of their concerts I've been to, and the fact the band is from where I am), and then A Perfect Circle and so forth. Some of the CDs I made weren't able to use because I'd made them MP3, which, apparently, their equipment is too old to handle. But, I came up with some interesting things, am getting the hang of speaking to an audience (though I don't have trouble with a confident voice) and am generally making friends. There's a party this Saturday that I'm happy to say I decided to go to. Meeting the other DJs will be fun!

I have my different tastes as to what I want my new knitting bag to look like. this used to be in the bag form, but is apparently gone now. Sad.

It's weird to see how well I've adapted, yet how I'm still not quite yet there. I've come to a point of just hanging with certain Kiwis, yet still crave seeing some Americans ever-so-often. I change my bed sheets every Wednesday. I take a shower every morning. I'm already thinking of buying new clothes (according to my new sources, with this next loan I'm getting, I can spend up to 34 bucks a day... not that I do or will, but still!).

I'm liking this laid back thing. I should cherish it while I can because homework is already piling up!!!

Random Fact: An iceberg contains more heat than a lit match.

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