Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have just recently discovered that Photoshop is on the computers nearby my dorm.

Suddenly, everything has become twenty times more interesting.

In less interesting news, I'm excited to show Kiwis Motion City Soundtrack, Dane Cook and a little Brian Regan. I'm surprised that Dane Cook hasn't spread like wild fire over here, but, then again, they may not have the same humor perspective; they did have a comedy tour, though. Hm. Anyway, you need to buy his new DVD. He's a funny cat.

Otherwise, I'm addicted to Heroes.

It all started with their first episode, but I wasn't able to watch it because of work and school and then the lack of television by the end of the year. Now, though. I have seen episodes.

I'll say right here that there could be spoilers, considering there are a few things I want to get off my chest...

What in the hell is up with freaking Nathan?! I didn't like him from the beginning (Peter lover *raises hand*), and he's always trying to "protect" but really just comes off as a jerk, plus a greedy brut. He cheated on his wife, has an illegitamate child that he sends off, and crashes every dream anyone else has! He's only reliable with himself. UGH!

Favorite Character: Hiro. Who doesn't love this fantastic character? He's exactly how I'd be if I found I'd had powers. Loyal and completely a hero to the end. He's a little sweetie and never loses sight of the important. He's probably the only one who's not fucked up. Besides Claire. But she's sixteen. By default, she's fucked up.

As it is, I love the show if only because I want answers. That's how to get me hooked, people. Slighted information. That's why I like Lost. They just keep throwing things in until there's a point of one screaming, "Just tell me what the hell is going on!"

It's nice to watch a show without commercials.

Random Fact: More than ten people a year are killed by vending machines. (That's what the Transformer movie is about, I'll bet. Now I'm interested in watching it.)

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