Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Arms Getting Tired

I just booked my flight for Australia, though I'm a little more than irked.

I'd planned with my fellow mates to all meet in one spot at a certain time.

Not only did they meet without me, but then they also booked their tickets for 350 US dollars, all on one flight together. Melissa forgot our time to meet together and ended up having a class, so I quickly get their flight information and look it up to find that, indeed, the price had gone up two hundred dollars in one day.

I ended up taking a flight much later than theirs, costing only about twenty bucks more, but it still irks me that I'm left behind. It irks me that I got this entire plan to get everyone together so we could buy our flights in the first place, much earlier than this, and they blew it off to do a different day, causing me to have to do all of this much later.

With my luck, the prices will have gone down even further tomorrow.

I guess that I'm just thinking that means I'll be fucked when it comes time for them waiting for me, or me somehow getting to them. If they can't even get together before the flight, how am I supposed to trust them for when I get there?

In other news, I've just been told that a bridge in Minneapolis has collapsed. Besides freaking out to know whether or not my friends are okay, I'm in a state of shock and disbelief. It literally just fell down, like someone karate chopped it. It's very disturbing.

Every time I leave, something terrible happens behind you. This can either be called skipping fate or damn luck. I just wish that I could, for once, be with the people I love during these times to feel something real.

Random Fact: A jellyfish is 95 percent water.

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