Saturday, July 28, 2007

Movie Nights

As it seems, I'm not updating as often as not only I want to, but to a few other people as well (MOM). However, I've been "busy" doing other things.

Like watching The Simpson's Movie.

It was bloody fantastic, to my thoughts! It was funny, it was longer and it was better animated. It was weird in the sense I kept thinking it was going to end (I'm used to the quick half hour of it), but when it was finished, I was surprised it had ended.

In other news, I also saw Happy Feet, something I was not generally pleased with. I'm not sure how many people have seen it, but let's just say that I wanted to end it right away, but didn't because I rarely stop watching films (like the second Star Wars. Emo Anikin made me almost barf, so I left). They had an interesting way of placing 3D in with real-life people... But that's just a technical issue.

There were many different themes one could have picked up from this "movie".
1) Being different is a good thing, and one should never be otherwise! (this is the "better" theme)
2) You have to be extra-ordinary to be able to change the world (this was what I mostly got from it)

But the main theme here that actually made me cry a little is that it took a penguin that could dance to have us say, "Hey! We can't take all of their fish and put oil in their waters! Stop this now!"

What about all of the rest of the world? We know penguins live there. So why did it take freaking tap dancing penguins to make us realize we were doing wrong? Why are they more "special" than other things?

Perhaps this is the point of the movie. To make us realize that we're being picky in what we choose to save and otherwise. But it wasn't the sense I was receiving. I was deeply upset with it (and also the boring script... such good music, but it had so much potential for more!). But what I got is that the movie is just a hopeful wish that won't happen; we can't be choosy and we can't be going full throttle into things without care.

I'm reminded of Ferngully. Besides the great actors involved (Robin Williams, also featured in Happy Feet, and Tim Curry), it had a bit more of a hit to me. As a child, my mother proclaims that I cried after the movie, and when asked why, I said, "Humans are destorying the rainforest!"

I'm not exactly an activist (though this whole entry seems to claim so), but I think a point came across very well in that film, and they even had fairytale-ish creatures. Great music. Memorable characters. And more of a plot than "our race is dying."

Let's just say I wasn't pleased with Happy Feet. I'm glad I didn't have a kid to watch it.

A film that literally is fantastic is Stranger Than Fiction. Holy Crap do I absolutely adore this movie. It's like literally reading a book, but seeing it in action. Quirky films have most of my applause, but the beginning just took me in right away, and then Dustin Hoffman came on...

Good everything. I can't believe it took me this long to watch it! Worth the twenty bucks on a DVD, rather than the many others out there I'm okay with only watching once.

In best news, I've discovered how wonderful it is to not be demanded of so many things at once. I was under so much pressure for exams and getting to New Zealand these past six months, then barely getting sleep when I was out of school and doing two jobs, it's been more than lovely to sit back and realize I've got nothing to do all day.

I've been drawing every day. I've written some things and have had time to think about what I want to write about. I've even got some time at the radio station, Radio Control, every Wednesday night (Click on that website as many times as you want... apparently, we need more hits, so, please! Enjoy looking at what's happening where you aren't!). I can hang out with friends.

And for the first time in my life, I have money. I'll wallow in it later, considering it'll be debt, but I can do things while I'm here. Plans for Australia are coming into gear, voluneering I actually have time for and I walk to the city library more times than I have ever done in America because I have time.

Oh, sweet time. I've missed you so.

I feel so... happy. Blessed. New.

I only wish all of my friends and family were here to share the experience.

Random Fact: The IRS employees tax manual has instructions for collecting taxes after a nuclear war.

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aaaaaaaaaaah a fix. Thanks!~
PS you can't get to the radio website. It doesn't go there. Love you MOM