Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holy Anti-Sleeping Pill Batman!

A lot of things have happened since I've last decided to update and actually go through with updating:

My neighbor's dog was hit by a car and killed, bringing back painful memories and a very deciding mind of what to do about them.

I've become increasingly cranky as I continue with graveshift job and other small job during day whilst slowly but surly gaining less and less sleep.

Entire family has played Mario Party 8 and we all very much so enjoy it (I like the haunted mansion best, personally... and that everything is insanely quicker than the last one I remembered, which is the 64 versions... wow, that game has come a long way!)

Have received passport (FINALLY) and am officially packing for the biggest event of my life---Will I become a Kiwi????

Have at least seen Mandikat twice (more than I ever thought this summer to see any of my friends, and I haven't even gone to see her yet, sadly enough).

Have been repeating three certain lines my father has proclaimed I say too much:

1) Boo-yah
2) Ridonculous
3) Hoy-oh

I know there are multiple, but let's just stick with these for now. #2 can be given credit to Shawn, a friend from an old job at Gamestop. #1 is Ali-G (I've shortened it), and #3 is definitely Mandikat's doing. I'm going to miss Balsam.

In recent news, I've come to the conclusion that I buy books to read two years later. I have read the same books over and over and over, multiple times for my favorite series. The newer books, or books that don't have a series, I usually, don't end up reading for some months, and they sit on my shelf until "I'm ready for something new."

I'm not quite sure what that means. I think I know that I'm going to the like the book eventually. It took me over a good year to get through Dhampir, if only because I couldn't seem, for the life of me, to get past some pages because I found them boring. I had the first three of the novels since 2005, and have finally started reading the second one again, but now I'm captured by the writings, finding myself very intrigued by the types of detail and how the authors manage to not only write it together, but have also managed to write a story about vampires/supernatural and not make it a complete love interest novel/saga. Given, I haven't read them all (I think there are three more novels out I don't have or something to that effect), but, the way things are going, I'll probably scream if Leesil doesn't freaking just tell Magiere that he loves her, because Magiere is obviously too strong-willed to do anything about it.

However, this means that it will occupy me enough until I can officially buy All Together Dead in paperback, though there are quite a few by Charlaine Harris I intend to get (her Grave Surprise series interest me, and there's a Sookie story or two I may be missing on the sidelines).

I'm debating whether or not to continue with my Dead Witch Walking series with For A Few Demons More. I started out with slowly but surely getting used to the writing, loving the humor (human's afraid of tomatoes!) and getting used to the different world, but then it got worse for me as I saw the books suddenly turn into a romance novel, and then started leaning towards more of a Lesbian thing. Now, don't get me wrong! I'm not against lesbians or anything, it's just that I suddenly found many things boring: the fact that Rachel just can't decide things about Ivy and a whole bloodlust feature I just don't think is my kind of thought on the whole "vampire deal." I suddenly stopped reading A Fistful of Charms because I could see where the whole sharing blood with Ivy thing was heading, and I couldn't get it why she just couldn't stay with Kisten, and then I realized the whole story was revolved around sex and maybe that's why I found it intellectually boring.

Then again, I'm not a lesbian. I've never gotten the whole thing with women, so suddenly sharing blood in that kind of way just had me blinking in what I call "why the hell would she suddenly do that?" kind of way. I'm sure I'll eventually crack open the book again to see what's happened, roll my eyes, then buy the next one in the series in hopes that Rachel has reached her sanity point again. I mean, who'd freaking give up Kisten? Honestly?

As it is, the new Harry Potter book is coming out and the bets are on for Harry dying. Not mine, but many others. I'm calling it a fifty-fifty, because it makes sense either way. If he dies, then there's no reason to continue the series, and it also means that Voldemort was killed, too (just like the prophecy says). If he lives, Voldemort still dies and it just means that Harry will live happily ever after with Ms. Ginny and, though the wizarding world is still up for grabs, at least everything else will still be answered. Either way, it's satisfying to me and it just means I can stop waiting in line for the book at 10PM to one in the morning because I want my book first. (What thing have I ever wanted the most have I not waited in line for?)

I hope I can stand in line in New Zealand. Hm.

Whelp, I'm going to try to catch some Z's before striding into my last day at work for both my jobs. Thank the lords it's my last day. I'm tired and would like to spend time with my family and friends before I embark on the greatest journey of my life.

My next entry could be from New Zealand. We'll see.

Random Fact: Dreams really can come true... My life is proof

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