Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dream A Dream 2

I once had a dream in which I met and ended up dating Dane Cook. And by dating, I mean that we met for the first time in the morning at some point and ended up spending all day together joking and laughing and hanging out.

I suddenly checked my watch and said, "Oh, crap. I have to go, my family has some thing going on, and I'm already late. It's pretty boring, elsewise I'd invite you."

He replied, "Hey, it wouldn't be boring with you there." We smiled at each other until he said, "Plus, I'm entertaining enough for the both of us." Then I laughed and hit him (playfully, of course).

When he came over, just before we walked in, I said, "Hey, I just want to warn you ahead of time, my family is a big fan, so if they start repeating your jokes, I'm sorry." He told me it was fine, and that he appreciated that they liked his comedy.

They met him, which was odd for me because I've never introduced a boyfriend before, and they adored him. The night went fantastically, and just when Dane Cook decided to take my hand and hold it, like a couple, and I was blushing like mad, my brother said, "Hey, he knows you're only twenty, right?"

Suddenly, the entire night seemed to change for him. Although he didn't let go of my hand, the aura was different, and I knew we'd just be friends.

"That isn't a problem, is it?" I asked, already feeling a dread and tears of shame.

"Well..." He looked like he regretted it immensely. "It's just such an age gap."

He did the ol' kiss on the cheek and forehead, then the light kiss on the lips only friends do. I hugged him tight, feeling depressed and hoping we'd at least be friends and maybe, just maybe, he'd see that age wasn't a big deal.

Jesus. Even in my freaking dreams, relationships don't work like I hope, and it's about the same issues I worry about (would this be considered a nightmare?).

Random Fact: Men tend to dream more about other men, while women dream equally about men and women.

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