Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just Be Yourself, You'll Do Fine

The Chinese New Year is taking it's toll on us the 18th of February. Sad, but true, I find this holiday something to look more forward to than Valentine's Day. Mostly because this year, I'm having a get-together with friends as we dress up as our favorite zodiac and watch Fruits Basket.

Nerdy, yes. But definitely worth the trouble.

I even intend to spend Saturday night staying up until the sun rises so I can make my wish for the new year. I've done this before, and it makes the wishing all the more pleasing.

I also intend to have riceballs up the "hizzo", as some so well put it.

In case some of you are wondering what riceballs are, they're rice that's squashed into a 3-D triangle (pyramid, I suppose...), and they're precisely meant for showing love (at least, that's my philosophy). And, if you make them my way, they look anything but round.

Of course, there's a huge background to my riceball loving self, which mostly has to do with Fruits Basket. My best friend, Mandikat, has the nickname of riceball for me, and we're always telling each other our "plums" (which is meant as talents and good qualities only another can see, but we never think of about ourselves).

So, really, the Chinese New Year symbolizes sharing love with my loved ones, laughing and knowing how wonderful it is to be alive. A more treasured holiday than Valentine's Day has ever been for me. And this year will be even better than the last.

Especially since this year I'm going to be the year of the cat (I can't help but lovingly adore Kyou).

As it is, I suppose a Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow.

Me? I'll be waiting a few more days!

Drinkin' up all this sweet love & life

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