Thursday, February 15, 2007

Different Treats

Is there nothing better than taking a nice hot shower for over an hour? Probably. But during those moments of relaxation and massaging your head, I don't think anyone really thinks about those other things.

Because, let's face it. Taking a shower is probably one of the best things that someone takes for granted until they realize they need one so bad, they're willing to give up certain things in order to have the small time of bliss.

Of course, if showers were a type of currency, then I'd have a few things to buy. A month's worth of shower to play God of War II.

I'd give up a year's worth of shower to go to New Zealand.

I'd give up showering all together if that meant my dreams would come true.

What's I find amusing in those three things is that I've already got God of War II in the bag, New Zealand's application just as to process all the way through (I think I'm going to New Zealand, chickies!) and I have no plans of ever letting my dreams go. In fact, I have a full written out plan for my dreams to come into effect now, as I work my ass off to prove my worth in this world.

Which just brings me back to showers. With my tightly knit schedule, steaming showers are that part of the day that allows me to unwind without worry. When I went to Perpich, it was the time where I could be alone and be away from the roommate (worked sort of in the dorm here at Bemidji, but it's different when there are two other showers beside you and there's barely enough hot water to go around). And now it's a time for me to not think, when that's what the whole day was about: thinking about my next move, when I was going to eat, what I had to do for my next class. Thinking about work a half hour after school, how I needed to take off certain days for working on homework or if I could work it all out in the end but I still have to work in taping the hockey game for Intro to Video. Thinking about when I'll see my parents next, if I accidentally offended that person when I bumped into them or if I have enough money on my next paycheck to buy an extra treat, which I usually convince myself that my treat is going to New Zealand next year. And if I can work into my schedule to clean my apartment, if I'll find a studio apartment for when I come back to Bemidji and how to thank my grandparents for making so much of this possible.

So, at the end of the day, I don't care how tired I am, if I'm ready to fall down dead or if I never want to see another person again. Because the water washes away all of those petty things, focuses my mind on the important and gives me a better outlook for the next day: I'm alive, my parents are alive, my relatives are alive. I'm happy. I have the world at my fingertips. And I'm ready to grab it by the hands and show it what I'm made of.

Random Fact: 1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue

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