Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Don't Panic

Well, I actually thought today's class was... pretty fantastic. I love when a class gets involved, all talking with each other, bouncing off ideas and the teacher just gives guidance and possible answers. Even if we don't get anywhere, it at least gives us all new things to think about.

Of course, I ended up writing some things down to come back to later. Let's see if I even remember why I wrote them down in the first place, shall we?

One of the things I had was what we talked about for people looking up the interviewees on myspace and facebook accounts. Though I've always had mine blocked, it seems that many of my friends recently converted for the current issues of what's going on, some for the reasons of not even thinking about people stalking them. However, I've always found it to be kind... lame, if you will. To go into someone's personal life like that.

Though, I hafta admit, if I were going to have a kid and need to have the kid placed in a daycare, it'd be nice to know that they weren't being molested of some sort.

However, I find it interesting how more interested we are in the lives of others in general, and so much more harsh. I have no clue if this has to do with Clinton, but I always think back to how everything was happening like they are now back in the day, but we never knew about it (whether it was because of the media or we just didn't care). Things always change, I suppose. But I guess all this really does is keep ourselves in check. And, for heavens sake, the smart thing to do is block what you have, and if it's not blocked, then make sure to keep the information small!

I also think that, no matter what one does, it is technically you. I mean, if you lie on the internet, tell the whole truth, tell your grandmother about a bird you saw or don't even mention the fact that you know people read what you write, it shows who one is.

In fact, I think that whatever one does subconsciously is more oneself than many of the things we tend to do. Especially when one is asleep (probably one of the more private things I can think of. Watching someone sleep, I mean). It can be interesting to see what one says or posts, but it can even be more interesting at what one doesn't say or post that can make it even more interesting.

There was also the discussion of the Actions Vs. Words, and what had a greater effect. Honestly, especially way back in the day, words had the bigger effect because they were used to describe the action in the first place so what happened could get around. The action starts it, the words keep it going.

Of course, I do believe I have more to say, but now that I'm being distracted by Super Smash Brothers, and most of my points that I thought I would very much remember by just reading a quick few words went down the drain when I decided to study another class. So much for "great ideas."

Random Fact: Three Mile Island is only 2 1/2 miles long.

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