Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Start Off

I contemplated many ways to start this blog again.

It has taken me many months since my last entry, but I went with what a good boss told me at work: Just do it.

Now, I know the Nike line is tm'd and all, but reading it does actually give me something to think about. Over six months ago, I promised I would start writing again. And I did. For a while.

But then I got bogged down with how to go about it, whether I should use my other site, how I would change my other site to suit my needs...

And then I thought, "Why stop? Why not do both? My journey still hasn't ended--it's still in the beginning!"

So, it's been settled. I will use this particular blog for whatever I wish (beware!).

The other will be a continuation of what I once started as a project and never quite finished due to becoming slightly confused at my over-analysis of what love is and what it can be.

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine, and see you soon!

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