Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The happy news has occurred: I officially have a job.

When I think back, I've done a lot to transfer myself to the here and now. I did some modeling classes, but then got into Isshinryu, but then got into theatre until college, then got into writing, then got into film, and now I'm a writing/film artist who is going to be an Events Coordinator, using my creative skills with marketing and setting up for concerts and giveaway events.

Honestly, I'm quite proud of myself. Even though I've had support from every single friend and family member, it's nice to have done something on my own and accomplish it. And there's no grade, no person saying I'll need to edit something in order for it to work. I'm in the real world, and putting my abilities to a different test, the kind that is really morphing my future.

I've talked with many about my new job, and a question that always comes up is whether I will be seeing and working with celebrities.

I say yes, because the definition of a celebrity to me can be complicated. When I look at any magazines depicting the so-called celebrities of today, I can barely name one percent of the names. I suppose this means I should be "brushing up" on my reality television, but I'd rather pull out my own fingernails than watch people with fake skin and hair say the word "like" as often as a car uses gas whilst on a freeway.

I've had two roommates who love watching these shows. If I could stomach watching them, I'll bet they'd make great drinking games. Of course, one would have to stop fifteen minutes in, as one could die with the drinks having to be taken.

Either way, the celebrities that I'd have to work with I don't necessarily know. I'm not that into what is now considered Country music, and the people I find humorous aren't going to be playing on their stage any time soon.

When asked what kind of people I'd want to meet, I'd want to meet Joss Whedon, definitely Neil Patrick Harris... Nathan Fillion would be fun, or David Tennant. Zooey Deschanel, David Bowie, and Ricky Gervais are in the top ten for sure, as well as Marc Webb. Neil Gaiman is a given.

I don't think I'd bump into any of celebrities in my new career, but I suppose I'll keep my head up, just in case.

I'm more concerned with the wardrobe affair. I've never been one for shopping, and now is the time in which I have to get more appropriate attire. It's not that I don't have a few nicer items to wear, but looking at my closet, you can tell that I have a love for black t-shirts. And comfy pajamas that I've become accustomed to wearing even during the day. Which means I'll get to spend a day trying on clothes and staring into a mirror, a pastime I gave up with ball-in-a-cup.

At any rate, I've been racing around the house getting random things done I know I won't easily accomplish with a new job taking up time. Re-assorting the recipe box, rearranging the laundry room (this includes tearing apart the wall shelves), and actually finishing my room (which may include a bed change).

I finished with the recipe box as I finished watching Firefly. I'd forgotten how good the show had been, and it brought up the old feeling of why I'd stopped writing. How could something so fantastic, in idea and writing and direction, be taken away?

But Whedon has always had these ideas that are then taken away. And he's never stopped trying, despite yet another fabulous series canceled.

Taking a page from his book, I've decided to not only jump into my new job with gusto, but also not give up my other hobbies. After all, my father still has some work to do on his crocheting.

Random Fact: A cat has 32 muscles in their ear.

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