Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer's Here

Yesterday, while leaving a driveway, Alex and I saw our first mosquito of the year.

Before I could really say anything much about the fragile being bouncing against the inside of his car, he smacked his hand, and the thing was dead.

He then proceeded to wipe his hand on a hat he had on the dashboard.

"I am never wearing that hat again," I said, looking out the window at my side.

"Whatever, I wash it, like, every time I do laundry," he said, and looked at his fingers to see if there were any more guts. He wiped them on the hat a few more times, then his pants.

I'm never wearing his pants, either.

Random Fact: "Bookkeeper" is the only word in the english language that has 3 letters that consecutively repeat.


DeLost said...

How often do you wear his pants?

AmberRae said...

LOL at the vision of you in Alex's pants. You know you have more style than that girl!