Monday, November 24, 2008

Can't Give Me What I Want

As some of you may know, someone stepped on my MP3 player last week, causing the screen to crack. The player still works, but I can't see where I'm going. I usually end up just listening to my playlists, which is great, but I dislike because I have so much more music to listen to.

Curious, I went to the Philip's GoGear site to see if they continued to make my MP3. Though I've had it since Freshman year of college, I thought that perhaps they had an upgraded version, or perhaps some kind of cool policy of trading in my old one for a new. If it had 30G for memory, I didn't really care. I have a lot of music I wanna listen to. I love shuffling through my old music.

Did you know that you can't just get a normal MP3 anymore? At least, not through the internet. It has playing video, talking on the phone, playing video games...

I've decided.

I just want a freaking 50G MP3 Player. I don't need a video player. I don't need it to play video games. I don't need it to make phone calls. I need a freaking MP3 Player right freaking now.

I already have things that do all of the above. Just because it has more doesn't mean it's better.

So, I've gone through some looking. And I think that, through process of elimination, Creative Zen is my best bet for being happy. I know they're good, they have the gigabyte quality, I don't hafta use freaking ITunes, and a little birdie told me that I can actually use an SD card to have even more memory, if I need it. I don't want pictures on my MP3, but maybe if I could just swap the SD card from my camera to that... possibilities.

However, this year doesn't consist of that for gift possibilities. I'm looking at HDR-SR11 60GB High Definition Handycam® Camcorder. Or maybe Sony's 5.0MP Handycam High-Definition Camcorder. I'm really liking that it will record straight to the device, rather than me investing even more money into something. Perhaps I'll just go get a 5.0MP Handycam High-Definition Camcorder.

If only I could afford it all...

As for other aspects, I have to learn that patience is key. I can't control the universe. But, for fuck's sake, I certainly wish I could.

A life of bad timing is the worst. At least that of which couldn't happen won't have the bad twist in it's entirety--being home will be a blessing of it's own.

Random Fact: The only word in English with three consequtive S's is "godessship".


SOUL: said...

"I can't control the universe. But, for fuck's sake, I certainly wish I could."

i couldn't agree more ;0

i just found your blog-- i like what i see--i'll be back.

i hope things are going well for you these days--

Mallory said...

Thank you so much, for the comments and kind words. As most blogs go, mine tends towards the norm of about nothing in particular, but it's nice to see it's caught an eye.

I hope things continue to go well with you (I saw some of the positive things happening on yours)!