Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Forgive

Today was an achieving day, much better in the comparison to the others this week. For one, I'm down to an annoying cough and maybe some nose blowing, rather than not being able to speak and being utterly weak just walking to and from class. I feel much healthier!

Russell and I finally met up after not seeing each other forever, and it was nice. There's nothing like the comfort of friendship. We made curry whilst singing to Dr. Horrible, then sat and watched the first episode of True Blood.

What can I say about it? It was... different. Seeing something completely from Sookie's point of view, and then going to watching other graphic scenes not within the novel... and then a few changed plot points... It's very different, and not just from the novel sense. The music, the camera work... It's perked my interest, for sure. Though I feel bad for anyone who watches it with me.

I found myself saying, "Whoa, that wasn't in the book!" And it wasn't because of what you would think...

Let's just say there are quite a few graphic scenes I never would have thought of... Russell would say, "Mallory!" and I'd say, "It wasn't in the book, I swear!" The door had to be closed and the volume turned down. Between the scenes that actually happened, and what Sookie would pick out of people's minds (she's telepathic), it was rather.... I'll go with intense.

That's HBO for you.

Of course, scoping out the site I've found them making comic books, merchandise of drink and shirts... I do wish Charlaine Harris were getting more out of the deal. I could just want more for the writers, but, then again, I'm a writer myself.

It looks slightly promising. Since it wasn't what I expected, I'm not ready to praise or degrade it. I'll have to wait for more to come.

I just can't wait to see who they've got for Eric... Bubba will be interesting. I'm also curious at what they'll be mixing all together, since they automatically put in that Katrina already happened (which, in the novels, doesn't happen until one of her more latest in the series, All Together Dead... I'm sure I'll bitch about it later).

As it is, I'm going to catch an early sleep. One class tomorrow, which means I'm going to work my arse off cleaning room, homework and getting my mind organized as well.

Random Fact: On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents every day. That makes me a little nervous...

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