Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

It always happens to me.

The day that I have to get up early to get to work on time is the day I have a fantastic dream about John Krasinski.

I'm not quite sure where it all came from, though I have an idea. I've been recently reading all these crazed shojo-romancy-type manga through the interweb, so my brain must have been on a wavelength of fantastic cuddly love.

That immediately ended with my alarm singing out the theme of the field in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

However, I don't know why John Krasinski made the appearance out of all my celeb choices. Not that I'm complaining; he's adoreable, and, if anything like his character Jim Halpert, I'd gladly date. I'm even more interested in him than Dane Cook at the moment (but that's because his comedy was dropped for me when it was all about sex, rather than actual humor... we know what happens in the bedroom. Stop name dropping old school hits and get on with some actual jokes.) But I guess that's just how the subconcious works.

After taking ten minutes to convince myself that it wasn't worth trying to fall asleep for another half hour to see where my relationship was going to go with Mr. Krasinski (knowing my other dreams, I'm sure he'd break up with me due to my being too young or that we're just too far away from each other to make it work or something to that depressing effect), I made my way to the bathroom and re-dyed my bangs. I had wanted to henna them again last night, but I forgot/got too lazy to remember. So, the rest of the day today, I smell like henna. Or, in other words, like a hippy. Not that I mind. I love that I smell like it for a good week right after my showers. It's become a calming smell.

On the past notes I haven't updated with due to time (i.e. catching up on sleep), Moondance Jam was a lot of fun! Tanya and I danced a lot, and she fell in love with Black Valentine (mainly the bassist). I fell in love with the music I heard, except for Led Zepagain. Sorry, but I can't respect someone "trying to keep the music alive" when they're pretending to actually be the band, rather than actually being the band. Ah, the disappointment.

And my mother's bash was a great success. It was awesome (and a little tiring) to see everyone and chat up. People I hadn't seen for years showed up, and some that I see ever-so-often. My elementary music teacher, Mrs. Johnson, was there, and it was really odd to see her. She stayed the same, but I obviously looked different. When I asked her how she was doing, she said, "I'm good. What's your name?" And when I said, "Mallory," she said, "What's your last name?" I had to explain that I was my mom's daughter (in which they usually guess because we look alike, but not so much since I've gotten the glasses). She looked not only astonished at who I was, but very pleased, especially at what I was doing with my life. I always feel embarrassed when I see an old teacher; they always say, "You'll always do good at whatever you do, you always have." It's a pleased embarrassment, but I'm happy to know that I wasn't a little shit at all times (HA, mom ^_~).

I was a little disappointed at not being able to hang out with my brother more, since he had other work to do (and gas prices are a little much for him to keep trekking up and around the map). My first summer away, and it just feels weird to not be around my family consistently. Though they claim it to be just "same old, same old," there's a sense of homecoming in that. Plus, I've missed my puppies! Ellie has gotten so adorable (I love when she howls!), and Mocha is still my pup of comfort (though it seems as if Ellie takes up my time with wanting to always play).

In news of my return to my university, it's been hectic. Yesterday, I get to my shift in one of the dorms to find out they've re-cored the front door. I was okay to get in with my card, but anyone with a hard key couldn't get into the building, which meant a lot of getting up and going to the door on my part for a while (we can't hold the doors open), and then a lot of apologizing and dealing with unhappy residents. Apparently, the On Duty cell phone wasn't being answered by the patrons who've been holding onto it, and people have been standing outside the doors for more than a half hour, waiting to get into the building. I ended up sending out a mass email for people to be more aware, which, this morning, I was massively thanked by one of the staff, who said she was seeing voice mails every time she'd get the cell phone, and they were getting angry people who were chewing out the wrong people. I had been apprehensive about sending it, as I didn't want people to think about me slacking off since I'd taken the weekend off. Not to brag, but I've seem to have proven my worthy with this working industry, and they really take my opinion into account on matters, which really touches me. I'm one of the few members on staff that the Hall Directors allow me to do more "classified" things that involve privacy, and am one of the first called to do something because they know I do my part.

I just finally feel glad that I'm being noted for my work. Any corporation I've worked with doesn't take the time, and if they do, it's very business-like, as if it's the obvious thing to go above and beyond their minimum work with minimum wage (as if. I will go above and beyond when I know that your company will go above and beyond--which Res Life does). Res Life certainly has some issues with communication, and some in the construction common sense zone, but they certainly don't have any issues will telling their staff how great they are at the job they do. Plus, it's not just a business--it's all friendship.

It'll be a tough day when I finally decide to go out on my own, if only because I would rather eat my own shoe than work my way up a corporate ladder only to be kicked down for "financial reasons." Fuck that shit.

Random Fact: Lightning strikes men about seven times more often than it does women. Suckers.

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