Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sunshine, Come Back!

The past couple of days have been particularly dreary in the weather department, making my fingers tap. I'll find myself thinking I have some sort of mind power because I'll stare outside and just keep chanting "sun" in my head in hopes that it'll come forth. Perhaps a Sun Dance would be appropriate.

The real only bad point to bad weather, besides not being able to sit on the ground and enjoy the sun, is that they've decided to put in the new sidewalk for the dorm next door, which means everyone has to walk all the way around to get in. This wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't had that place torn and ready for that to be a sidewalk, too. Which means that we play hop scotch with mud puddles to get to the door. So far (knock on wood), my clumsy behavior hasn't found me face down in the mud. To be safe, I've been wearing clothes I don't care as much for. And make sure no one else is around to see.

On the good side of things, Cornelius, my fish, I think has taken a liking to my presence. I don't know if I've mentioned the new beta fish in my life. Before one of my residents left, she had seven items left to carry down with her, all fish. Six of them were in these fancy small containers whilst yet to be my fish was still in his small vase. She asked if I wanted him, since she didn't have a place to put him in the car, and I accepted. Thus, Cornelius was adopted. He didn't have a name, so I came up with one, with the help of Mandikat, and I got lucky because someone left their bigger fish bowl in one of the floors kitchens. I invested in two plants, a locally made rock with a hole and some fish food. Every morning, I say hello, mention the weather and, every other day, I give him his food. Now, when I lean over his bowl, instead of acting like I don't exist, he comes over and looks up, puffing his lips. I'm sure he's just waiting to see if it's food day, but I like to think that he enjoys my company, too.

Funny thought I had before I went to sleep: wouldn't it be interesting that, if indeed vampires did exist, it wasn't crucifixes that had them burn and go crazy but some other religious artifact? Like a menorah, or even a Tibetan prayer bead? That would put us through some spins.

Anyway, I'm going to steal away because I think the construction workers on my floor are gone for the day, which means I can take a shower without them coming in or having the awkwardness of me coming out in a towel.

I do, however, hope that people are actually cleaning my bathroom, rather than just splashing a bit of bleach on the floor to make it smell nice. I can't stand that smell, anymore. It brings tears to my eyes. I guess that's my crucifix.

Random Fact: The Ten Paramita:
1. Giving or generosity
2. Virtue, ethics, morality
3. Renunciation, letting go, not grasping
4. Wisdom and insight
5. Energy, vigour, vitality, diligence
6. Patience or forbearance
7. Truthfulness
8. Resolution, determination, intention
9. Kindness, love, friendliness
10. Equanimity

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