Monday, June 2, 2008


Can vampires get HIV? Or even an STD? Given, you'd figure that them sucking blood, they'd get something. But, then again, you'd figure they could easily just get some sort of blood transfusion and it'd be gone. Like, drain their entire body and give them new blood.

It seems that they shouldn't be killed by such an event. They're already dead anyway, and, if you go by "code," it'd be silver or sunlight or some other thing that would actually kill them. Lack of blood would just make them more thirsty.

Just a thought. If I ever meet a vampire, I'll ask and let you guys know.

Then again, if I meet a vampire and am writing some sort of blog about it, I'm sure I should be counting my blessing that I'm still alive. Maybe they aren't all killers or something (yet again something I'd have to ask a vampire to know), but they are powerful creatures. And, considering the mouth I've got, it would be amazing that I'd still be alive.

Random Fact: I read too many novels that make me think of mythological creatures as if they're real.

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