Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Girl With The Sun In Head

I just walked into my room and thought to myself "I like it here."

To be honest, I didn't think I'd end up here. An RA, living in a dorm room, possibly staying a year past what I ought because I'm double majoring in two things that I'll have to work my ass off to get money in. Spending a summer at my school with two jobs. Being a part of my community and getting involved in things that could really change the world.

When I first came to college, it was with the knowledge that there would be someone here who I wouldn't quite want to see and with a best friend who I thought we'd be together forever. Though, in a sense, since I do randomly think of her when I run into Danielle (such as today) or a certain song comes on the radio, perhaps she'll always be there. Without the turn of events, perhaps in some parallel universe, we'd be living together, Jason would still be at the university and I wouldn't be an RA, but spending my time doing more video editing and getting the go on the dream I've had written down since I lived in my apartment last year. But, then again, maybe if I hadn't lived with my other roommates, I wouldn't have had my stroke of hopeful peace in our world.

As it is, through all that has happened these past few years in college, as mundane as I continue to make them seem, a lot has happened. I've realized I use this mostly as a way to write down my thoughts that are too depressing to air to most people, which just makes my mother worry, but between the good and the bad, I'm doing pretty dang well.

I've managed to have my heart broken and survive (like the millions of others), been to New Zealand and back with many friendships and memories, read many books, accomplished classes (started my own television show, for crazy-sake!)... My brother is graduated, bought a house and is starting a successful life that I couldn't be more proud of. My parents have created their own house of happiness and love and I can't stay away from too long (yes, this means I'll always be apart of your lives, parentals ^_~). Mocha and Ellie, the puppies I couldn't adore more... I have money, food, friends, entertainment, two jobs I love that have me working with wonderful people... I even have Cornelius, my ever abiding fish of amusement, calmness and making my room feel less alone.

I'm also, thank god, not getting married or pregnant like the rest of my generation seems to be doing. I'm not saying "good riddance" or "they're messed up" (though I'm sure my tone implies it), but I really feel that I have so much more I want to do with my life before being tied down as such. Having a boyfriend would be all nice and fine, but what I really hope for is more travel and time for my video editing. Make my difference through that way. With my nice external hard drive, hopeful superior knowledge by the time I get out of this university and nothing on my plate, I hope to hit the road and create something beautiful with my words and video footage. My interest lies in having the best life of my life whilst making a difference!

I don't think I'm too far off, with the wonderful encouragement I'm getting from everyone else.

What a happy Sunday!

Random Fact: Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

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