Friday, May 30, 2008

My Fingers Hurt

I've done it again. Apparently, what I consider right is over the ball park an into some alternate universe.

I spent four hours doing room inventories for twenty-two rooms. I did exactly what they told me to do: touch everything to make sure that it's all in order and that I don't miss a thing. Lines were quickly filled, and I found myself wondering if another friend of mine, who was doing the next floor up, was finished.

She'd finished two hours before me.

I thought I was doing what needed to be done, but when I finally made my way over to my friend and two other friends (around 1am), they looked through my papers and kept saying, "Oh, my god! Mallory!" I'm not easily embarrassed, but this did the trick, as usual. I mistook "look at everything and write it down" as "look at everything and write it down." Apparently, it actually means, "just write larger things down."

I don't like to half-ass things. I think that's why I get discouraged to do things in a sense, because I want to make sure that I have that extra energy to really get it done. Even relaxing has a technique for me. My ritual usually includes a warm shower, then sitting around in my undies whilst sipping some hot cocoa and watching The Office or something before taking a nap or going to bed for the night. If it's only going to be fifteen minutes or a half hour, it never works out; something will yank me away early.

I even missed my Wii Fit today. It's a slippery slope when I'm tired because I start to want it to be a priority. Soon, it'll be sitting in a corner, wishing it were even glanced at.

no, I wouldn't let that happen. I'm just trying to guilt-trip myself into doing it tomorrow. But even then I'm busy. A load of laundry, cleaning dishes and my counter space while also recycling and putting up door decks and hopefully printing out my On Duty board... Stopping at Gamestop to pick up my schedule (lord knows it has to be me, since Mike is terrible at telling me when I start for the summer). Finally, things are starting to pick up, and hopefully at a pace that I can handle, rather than the busy gross finals week. I already notice that I'm picking up hours for money, which is always good. I have a feeling I'll be over the 30 hour time limit, but I plan on keeping it on the D.L. I've managed to come up with a new time/money management plan. And I'm stickin' to it!

I haven't even driven my car in the forevers! Huzzah for not paying the 3.79 for gas, yet!

Lord, how will I afford anything?

On a brighter note, it was my brother's birthday yesterday, and my gift is really exciting--I hope he'll enjoy it as much as I did buying it. My Great Aunt and Uncle are visiting in a little over a week, which I took time off for. And summer has started. It'll be weird not being home, and I'm sure I'll miss my parentals dearly. But I'll be learning along the way.

Life, though completely in every which way at all times, is actually at least intriguing.

Random Fact: A duck can't walk without bobbing its head

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