Friday, April 11, 2008

Tone It Down

I had a dream last night about Rooster Teeth. I have no clue how this came about. I've never really seen a good picture of any of the crew, but I managed to take their comic form and create some idea in my head.

I think we went bowling.

Besides that point, the small road trip we had turned out to be a blast. We did so much! Corey was supposed to come with us, but he found that he couldn't skip one of his classes, so it was just Spooner, Amber and I. Turns out, Amber and I made a great team.

The Highlights:
*Went to Duluth to meet up with an STLF friend. We stayed for about an hour, watching Tim the Toolman Taylor and having root beer floats with Dad's Root Beer (I know, I pretty much freaked out knowing that she had the root beer of childhood memories!!!!!).
*Drove rest of way to Spooner
*Tiny notes around Spooner's house to remind us/welcome us to cute adorable home
*First Smirnoff drink
*Went to bed at 4:30amish
*Got up at 7:30am to shower
*Ate breakfast and left for Rice Lake
*Realized we left items at Spooner's house
*I stayed with Spoon during surgery whilst Amber drove to get said items
*Spooner hit on us multiple times, which totally made up for the blood and grossness
*Amber got, literally, a childhood friend's number from his father
*Saw Lynn, Spoon's mum, and met her husband at Culver's (St. Paul)
*Saw STLF headquarters and met Petey (Minneapolis)
*Drove up north and made a pit stop at my parents'
*Drove rest of way to university
*Dropped off Spooner after getting some eating supplies for him, as he couldn't have solid foods for some time
*Amber and I smoked a stogie while walking back to dorms

I look concerned because smoking a cigar means you're cool. Ever seen Independence Day? Will Smith is pretty Badass with that cigar.

Cigarettes? No.

Hookah? No.

Pipe? No, but still cool.

Cigar? Why not?

It's also blizzard week. Last weekend it was snow-crazed, now it's snow-crazed again. Normally, I'm all for this! I love snow like the dickens! However, I had plans to see Miss Mandikat for her senior recital. She had been on a voice hiatus, so it was hard enough that we weren't talking (I'm so sorry, parentals, for the text messages....). But we talked yesterday, and now I really want to see her more than usual!!! I'm praying and telling everyone else to pray, too. The thing is, during the day, it's all melty and no issue. At night, that could be the different story.

Whelp, I'm off to see what difference I can make in the day. Maybe get some lunch. We'll see.

Random Fact: More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call.

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