Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Forever = Good

This time around...

So, I've got my new tattoo.

It hurt, yes, but then it didn't. He used an eight needle, then a sixteen. Very quick, but I had no qualms. It was fun to sit and talk to the random stranger I'll never meet again (except for that hot night in Rio...). He was very calm, and I never said peep when the pain was more than the anticipated.

We talked about how he was still uncomfortable with putting tattoos on people's certain places, why someone got an alien on the back of his head (it's apparently the mascot, but also one of the employee's best friends) and the differences between Minnesota and New Zealand, particularly the North Island (as the south gets snow and the like).

I asked him how he became a tattoo artist, and he said that he'd always wanted to be one, since he was a little kid. He'd see his brothers with their tattoos and really wanted one, and wanted to make them. About five years ago, he got bumped from his job, so he got in the business. I'm very impressed with Powerhouse. It was a good call.

He also said that he didn't like the fact that anyone can do tattoos, no degree or anything, which meant a lot of bad tattoos.

Devon came with me. She wasn't able to stand behind the counter with me.

Me: May I ask why?
Him: Because it's not only a health hazard, but they're also bloody annoying!
Me: Hear that, Devon? You're not only annoying, but you're also a health hazard.

But she could see my tattoo once it was finished, and we packaged it up nicely with their surgical pads and saran wrap. Devon let me use her flip flips (jandals), in which I forgot to give back, but she has my fancy high-top wannabes, so we're even.

Afterwards, we got the famous Hell's Pizza, where I got guacamole with pinnapple (freaking fanastic tasting). In my first week, I was told to get Hell's Pizza, as it was the best pizza in New Zealand. Now, in my last week, I'm finally giving it a taste.

They also gave me free condoms.

I am so stoked for this last week. It perfect.

I went from computer breaking down, assignments being screwed up, stressed as hell to getting my tattoo, breathing calmly, getting last of my presents and having the rest of my days ahead of me.

It's amazing how quickly something can change. One phonecall can change a day, to good, better or worse. I often wonder if I've smiled at someone, causing them to change their minds completely some doing something terrible. I know I wish people would make more eye contact and smile. But I have noticed it's happening more and more often.

So, I've got one of the nerdiest days ahead of me. Lord of the Rings Day Tour. Eight hours. Elf ears. And seeing a lot of the sights. I have to say, I can't wait. I'm going to have so many pictures, videos and lovely memories from one day.

I'm really going out of New Zealand with a bang. It's exciting!

Sorry about no picture of the tattoo... My computer is still down, so it's hard to make a good copy for the nets. It's freaking sweet, however. Mark my words.

Random Fact: Strawberries hold more Vitamin C than oranges

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