Friday, October 12, 2007

New Discoveries

I've just realized that my computer has a direct SD card transfer. How many months? And I thought I knew her inside and out...

Happy surprises, really.

In the thoughts of yesterdays blog, I have to say at my brother's comment that I'd been looking at a photograph I can't seem to find at the moment. Also, it made sense because I often go here for random translations. Not in the right state of mind.

As it is, I'm tired.

I got this spirulina stuff that helps the body with anything and everything. Gina and I went to a seminar/event to learn all about the plant and about how else to keep the body healthy, but, of course, their product was too expensive. As it was, Gina then found a week or two later a third cheaper bottle of the stuff, but it also had alfalfa and some other type of grass.

It smells rank. And the taste isn't so much better.

The thing is, it'll cost just as much to get ingredients to make a smoothie out of the freaking thing as it is to just buy the other damn pills.

However, I'd rather just see where the formula takes me. If it does nothing for my body, why even invest?

Still. Spirulina. You've gotta admit, it's got some great qualities.

Random Fact: The product they wanted Gina and I to buy said we were to eat twenty tablets a day. That's a lot of spirulina.

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