Saturday, July 21, 2007

Quiet Luxuries

Today was rather lazy, as, for the first time since I've arrived in New Zealand, I slept in until noon, maybe a bit past. I hadn't meant to, but my alarm didn't go off (I think I have to figure that damned thing out...) and I ended up missing breakfast. I ultimately got up, took a shower, was asked to go to the gym, went to the gym, went on elipse-like contraption that kicked my ass for fifteen minutes, did yoga for fifteen more minutes, took another quick shower, then primped my room.

I then started to read through some of the material my papers gave me, thinking it'd be useful.

Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring... wait, what's this?

I looked and saw a "One more thing..." which is never good. It basically said that they have to have a certain amount of As, Bs and Cs. Which meant that people could be getting grades they don't deserve either way.

I freaking hate our school systems. They are making students get As or Cs because they decide to have some sort of "quota"???

Whatever happened to school in which working hard at what you did was the real value? I remember specifically in the eighth grade, working my ass off on projects for my art class, and around would come the time for school confrences. My teacher would then explain why I was receiving a B-, when I'd never gotten anything under an A+ in the course in my life.

Maybe that's what's wrong with our world. We're so stoked up on perfection and beauty that we can't just teach our kids that being a decent human being is a good thing as well.

In other words, I can't believe I'm paying shitloads of money for things I don't even like. It's "people pleasing" to be truthful. I'm more willing to learn if I could just learn, rather than taking certain classes that I can put on a diploma so some person in a high chair can say, "Yeah, she's good to work at minimum wage!"

In separate news, someone asked how many people died in Harry Potter, but I couldn't click into their page because I don't think it exists? Either way, let's just say a lot. Major people? A lot. Deaths in general? A lot.

Halocaust anyone? Yeah....

In short: the book was intense. It was also odd because Harry isn't in school like normal. Usually, the setting is Hogwarts, but every one knows that, since the end of the sixth novel, the decision Harry makes means skipping out on his last year.

Anyways, I have to look up two poems from 1970-onward because it has to be something I enjoy. I don't read poetry. I suck at writing it (unless it's prose). And I'm definitely not liking how many hours each class is demanding of me.

But it's nice to be in New Zealand while I take them.

Random Fact: About twenty-five percent of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light.

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