Monday, May 20, 2013

Quick Quarterly Update

It's May. This means it's just over the mark for a quarter into the year 2013.

I'm going to give ya'll a moment to say, "Good Gods, you serious? Shit!"

And I'm going to respond thusly: Yep. It's gone that fast.

In the way you're supposed to do thing, I'm going to go over my list of things I've promised myself to do this year and see how things have progressed thus far.

1) Reach out to ask someone on a date for once.
Yep! Did this a couple of times. Turns out, asking someone out versus them asking you doesn't mean that they're the one. It just gives you more confidence in the dating department when they say yes. The dates were okay. I haven't done this for a while, so maybe it's time for me to take this back onto the list again? But I accomplished. Boom.

2) Run!
Although this is technically something I'll be doing throughout the year, I'm crossing it off now because I have successfully started as soon as I could, and I've only missed more than a couple of days in a row once. And, to be fair, it's because we've had constant thunderstorms. Rather difficult to run safely when there's a small monsoon.

3) Say yes to the new, unless dire financial issues would come up, or danger.
Still more months to come, but I've been pleased with my actions this year. It's easier to say yes the more you say it. My newest is saying yes to learning Tango. I'm researching places in the cities for best prices and timing.

4) When you hesitate, do it anyway!
I have been doing FANTASTIC with this. However, this will always be a work in progress for me. The small things are easy. Like, literally going the extra mile to the DQ that will have crunch and cherry dip on the same cone. It's the larger that are more difficult. I still hesitate at newer things that could progress my career. I want to just take the extra initiative, even if I don't think it will work. I also still hesitate when someone shows interest in me--I want this to become something I'm at ease with, and to openly show my interest as well. I've found myself becoming shy and changing the subject enthusiastically if there's ever a moment where I could be embarrassed by someone liking me more than a friend. Not crossed off yet.

5) Paint something!
I did, and it was wonderful!

I also drank wine and wore a fancy dress while doing it. Because, if you're going to do something, do it in an epic fashion. While drinking.

She's now on the wall where everyone has to see her when entering the living room, or going up our stairs. Appropriately so.

6) Support what you believe in even more.
I support everything I believe in, but not necessarily an extra mile. Kickstarter has allowed me to really give to where I know it's going. I'm leaving this not crossed off because there's a ton more this year to do!

7) Write.
Trying my best! But, I've got a new job I'm giving myself these next few weeks, so this is far from crossed off.

8) Film my shorts.
Again, a project! I didn't think I'd actually get this crossed of this year, but I am on my way!

9) Play through all the Zelda games again. In order of arrival.
This is tougher than one things because I keep playing other games. I haven't finished a couple of games, I want to play through what my brother left behind when he went to Korea, I've been lent Star Ocean 2... In going with doing ALL the new things, it conflicts with playing the old. My original intention was to really focus on the differences and similarities, gather how it's progressed by my own hand. Honestly, if I don't cross this one off, I won't be detrimentally sad.

10) Don't fear love.

I feel like I comment enough on that subject. I'll spare you the dramatics.

So, three out of ten! Not completely bad. Still have eight and a half months, and the rest of my life to enjoy the spoils!

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