Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wishin' & Hopin'

Sometimes, when the bathroom cleaner comes for our floor, I get nervous. The smell that radiates after he leaves, an overkill of bleach, makes me think that by even entering, my hair will be dyed and my skin will shrivel/get rashes. I gag whenever I use the sinks, and I don't even want my anythings near those toilets.

Ah, the dorms.

I finally got my things back from home, where I left them. You'd figure, the obsessive Wii-player I am, I would have remembered my own Wii-motes, charger and games. I think I was in a mindset to get back, knowing I was bringing more than I had initially come home with. I had even left my camera--this was a bummer as the Sunday moon was gorgeous, as well as my plans stopping along side the road to take pictures were shot (I believe I have interesting landmarks to go with my journey).

But, all in all, it's been a good week so far. We have today off from class, which means I can either get ahead in class, play video games or capture video for class (most likely the latter). Yesterday was Wii Wednesday, in which, after Seth played a few games and left for class, Emily and I were able to just sit and talk. It was fantabulous, as most of the time we're around other people and don't get to really talk.

I also got a perfect score on bowling. Seriously. It was AMAZING. I then got a 299. Emily said she's seen only one other person get a perfect. I said I was happy that someone could share the moment with me (and that she had some sort of camera, since my phone was charging in my room and my other real camera was at home. Seriously, what bad timing for everything!).

But the Wii-play doesn't stop there. After I got back, had some dinner with Martha, I was then on duty for the night, in which Leif, Russell and Martha came up to my room and we played Wii until eleven. We made Mii's for Martha and Leif. We played Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It was, indeed, a Wii Wednesday.

As for the whole "deep thoughts" of the day, I find myself inspiration-less. I find myself sick of songs just weeks ago I couldn't get enough of, and motivation quotes seem more like suggestions than a way of life. Things are never as depressing as they seem, and we can choose to wallow-weep or get up and go. Truthfully, I still feel a little touchy, that I put on a show for smiling and go along, whilst the inside soul patches itself to get ready for future. I sometimes think of what I could have done differently.

On the "far off scale," astrology, tarot and Chinese zodiac all said "move slow!" and "patience is a virtue!" It says directly in my little Rabbit Year:

"You are likely to find a new romantic interest, but try to take things slowly to avoid any disappointments in love."

I don't know why I'm so quick to blame myself for things, as I know that I not only can do so much, but I did do that much. It's weird to be the one that handled the situation and now it's not really in my field.

If I were a celebrity, I'd find another man, get pregnant and shave my head.

If I were The Beatles, I'd write a hit song that speaks only truth.

If I were Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, I wouldn't even be having these issues because she wouldn't have let friendship leave the equation to any degree.

And as much as I wish I were Tohru Honda when it comes to many degrees, I'm me, and I have to deal with the situation in my own way. No matter of advice or mulling over will help. I'm not the only one playing the game on this court, so even some of my actions can be in vain, as there is a spot of respect I must have as well.

I just want that friendship back, like he promised. Only one boy ever stepped up to that promise. And friendship is the most important thing to me in any relationship (well, as long as you're not related to me, as family is closer in general). But I'm afraid of how tender both our feelings are.

And how time consuming relationships in general are. I have a feeling it'll be worth it, though.

Horoscope for the day--what a coincidence: "Your urge to get closer to someone in your social circle is becoming almost unbearable. But before moving forward, pay closer attention to the clues they are sending -- they are quite mixed! This person might not be quite ready to open up to you. To test the waters, keep your conversation light. Resist your urge to ask them to spend the rest of their life with you! Baby steps will get you closer to their heart than giant leaps (and they are a lot less intimidating!)."

I guess it's back to the good ol' patience module.

Random Fact: 25% of men say the best relationships evolve from friendships. 30% of men say the least attractive quality is lack of self esteem. The average man sees five women a day he would like to sleep with. 15% of men claim the most important quality in a woman is looks. 66% of men like to make the first move in a relationship.

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