Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Avast, Matey!

Ahoy, it be September the 19th o'er here in New Zealand!

That means, swab the decks and go on account already because it's National Talk Like A Pirate Day!

As I sat meself down for a hearty breakfast, it twas sad ter see that I be one o' th' few ter celebrate. Only two have dressed up, as far as I can tell, and everyone else be too into being an adult!


Be adult or child, ye be a pirate at heart!

Given, I am for the peace between these ninjas and pirates, why not celebrate a day when ye can dress as ye like, wear overbearing make-up no one says much about and say "ARR!" or "AYE!" or "Landlubber!"

I be taken upon myself the name I be offered.

Bein' ye all have a good amount until it be the 19th for ye all, why not be more of a cursair by brushin' up on ye talk?

Fair winds, young heathens! And hornswaggle as much swag as ye can carry! Arr!

Random Fact: On the Account -- The piratical life. A man who went "on the account" was turning pirate.

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