Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is This A Slinky?

What is it that causes us to really think about beauty? What initially caused us to look at someone and see something that pleases the eye? How do we place attractiveness?

Obviously, it can easily be placed on society--they make it so by having magazines, movies, novels, TV shows... But I know some people who find some of the most unimaginable people.

Personality can always play a part. For the life of me, I can't understand why there are so many people who are in love with Professor Snape from Harry Potter (given, I adore the actor who plays him, but the character himself? Wow.). Especially the descriptions given from the novel. Yet there's some odd cult following towards loving him.

I do love the obscure. Quirky, interesting habits tend to arouse my attention.

But sense of style goes so differently.

I see students who go around wearing clothes that haven't been washed for two months and students who wear freshly washed clothes that look like they haven't been washed for two months. Ripped jeans from a slide into first and brand new pants that have perfectly formed holes that a machine made with precision.

Fashions Made Only By Opinions:
Smoker (it's cool!)
Drinker (it's cool!)
Videogamer (it's nerdy!)
Poet (I'm a starved artist!)
Painter (I'm a starved artist!)
Gothic (I hate the world!)
Emo (The world hates me!)
Otaku (I wish I were Japanese!)

It's odd to put names to things because it suddenly makes it sound really bad to be apart of any group. Yet I find each one to have something alluring about it and I'm a little envious to what they're capable of. And it's scary to see how easily we're able to place people within those groups.

I was once told by my mother to stop hanging out with a certain someone in junior high because of the way they dressed and the possibility of them smoking and getting into trouble. I said that I wasn't doing anything (we have a good trust between each other) so there wasn't much to worry about. She said that she wasn't worried about me doing things, but the fact that being associated with that person would cause others to think that I was doing exactly what that person was doing.

I still don't get what the whole hype of pleasing complete strangers. If I don't know them, who cares? If I do know them, they know who I am and that I don't do the things that person is doing.

Still, when I walk into a store for shopping, I have ideas of what I want to buy. I won't buy the shirt that has large print, flowers or shows off voluptuous curves but rather a black tank-top, black hoodie or cute Invader Zim shirt. Getting something "girly", as people so well put it, is a kinda tough part for me, if only because I like the image I portray (or at least what I hope to): Simplistic, odd and one of a kind.

And who doesn't want that? A one of a kind look? Sure, some are going for a certain look (Jessica Simpson, Micheal Jordan, Christina Aguilera), but to change it in some way to make it a memorable fashion, that it's theirs (in the seventh grade, I was the biggest tomboy around, baggy jeans, baggy shirts and I wore every necklace I owned at the same time. I now shake my head at those pictures.).

Of course, most of this is just speculation, a way for my mind to make a continuous round-about as to why people do the certain things they do. I'm sure there's some scientistic term and answer for it all. I'm just too lazy to really figure it out.

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Orie said...

I enjoy making my own shirts. A friend of mine wins at photoshop, and so I'll put together an idea and he'll help to make it. I'm working on one now, but I don't know if it's going to work out.

Anyway, your fashion summary made me laugh.